Argentina is Expelling Bp. Williamson
voxpopulisuxx Wrote:Bishop Benedict has done more damage than Williamson, by any objective measure, to the Faith, title of Pope not withstanding.

The sore truth and nothing but the truth. Let him who has ears, hear.
didishroom is getting beaten around like a pinata here...Nothing like blind homerism...
I got this genius statement on my blog

"Mr Williamson is not and has never been a bishop, so how could he possibly have been "reinstated"?"

didishroom Wrote:
Quote:Why do you continue to beat the man while he's down and being attacked and crucified by our traditional enemies? The is one of the worst traits in a person, the cowardly act of piling on and blaming the victim when he is most vulnerable? This is not a noble characteristic of a traditional Catholic or even a righteous Christian, it's pathetic.
I am doing this because I disagree with you people who are already to canonize him! He said stupid things, recklessly and needlessly! And, like I already said(who who cares what I wrote? Just calling me a coward is so much better), the whole Society is suffering for it. He brought this upon himself. Let him deal with it. Stop with the 'Richard the Lion Heart' crap.

Quote:You who have "zero-sympathy" right now, will in return be given the same treatment by the Church's enemies if someday you find yourself in the same position as the good Bishop.
What's with the italicized adjective there? Is it supposed to be contrasting him against a bad someone?

Quote:Instead of whining about why the society should be endangered right now, you should be ready to man-up and stand against it's enemies.
What the heck are you even blabbering about? What? Are you on your roof right now with a rifle, waiting for the Zionists to come take you away?

Quote:This is why sometimes I believe, especially when it comes to the Zionists and Judaics......Catholic=Coward.
That is why sometimes I believe, when it comes to SSPX and non-SSPX............Society/Williamson Apologist=Jerk Wad.
Oh so now I'm the one who's paranoid and not the high priests of the Holocaust religion, The Vatican, Bishop Fellay, The Chancellor of Germany, the entire ruling gov't of Argentina and so on.......
Seems these days, even if you admit 5,999,999 Jews died in death camps in WW2 your in danger of "holacaust-denial' and selected for extinction; socially,economically, and eventually physically and it doesn't matter where on the entire globe you are, they will hunt you down and weed you out until they get their way, and even convince your own church of declaring you everything but an Anathema.
The "zero-sympathy", italicized, is the words out of your own mouth (or keyboards if you will), and the bad someone is you. You and your nonstop blathering against a man standing up against Rome's enemies at a time in this world where it seems that so called "catholics", traditional ones at that, will bow and stoop in obsequious fealty to the Jews chutzpahtic demands in which they will in return and say "not good enough" and to kiss their backsides even more in which philosemites like yourself will reply "how much?".

You don't understand how the game is played out with them, but the Bishop does, and no amount of "mea-culpa's" and groveling before them will satiate their vengeful desires, it will never be enough, never. He will never recant or be  cornered into explaining himself to the rabbi's, he knows the endgame in going there.

So sayeth the +Williamson-Apologist/Jerk-Wad to the slithering ,spineless, gutless coward genuflecting before Christ's enemies.
up the lionheart!
devotedknuckles Wrote:up the lionheart!


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