automatically sent daily meditation (email list)
I found that OLRL uses this for their email list:

phplist's 30+ feature set includes:
    [*]double opt-in subscription mechanism
  • scheduling [possibly one meditation for each day of the week or month?]
  • [*]RSS[*]list segmentation[*]click-tracking[*]attachments[*]bounce management
I downloaded this thinking that this software enables you to put in thoughts of the day for certain days so that whenever that day comes around it automatically mails that text.
But when I opened the file, it opened a whole bunch of other files, and I was lost from there.

I thought it would be good to use this scheduling for some daily meditations like Think Well On't:

Does anybody know how to schedule it so that on first day of the month the first meditation is sent out, and second meditation on second day, and so on?

You'll need a web server with PHP support and the PHP extensions it uses, your own domain and email address, and a database server.

I cannot run it as I do not have my own domain/email.

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