Cardinal Against Cardinal
Robhaidheuch Wrote:There are no indications that Pope Benedict is going to steer away from modernism.  I hope he does, but I just don't see it happening.  He endorsed the exclusion of creation scientists  in the recent discussion on evolution.  He endorsed the Vatican screening of the heretical film The Nativity Story.  He has joined with Muslims in praying at mosques.  He has joined in prayer at synagogues.  He has not excommunicated a large number of heretic clergy.  He has not formally excommunicated Catholic politicians who openly oppose Catholic teaching by championing abortion.  He has failed to properly address the situation of paedophile/homosexual bishops and priests.  He failed to condemn the genocide of the Gaza Strip unequivocally by condemning Israeli policy.  He capitulated to the Zionists regarding Bishop Williamson, and has expressed a personal historical opinion that seeks to coerce Catholics into accepting the historical distortions presented by Zionists as being infallible historical truth.  He invited a Jewish Rabbi to explain Scripture to the Catholic Church.  He welcomed Tony Blair into the Catholic Church, without demanding Blair renounce his anti-life stance.  Simply put, so far, I think he is a disaster for the Church.  I hope I am proved wrong in suspecting him of having a hidden agenda contrary to the Faith.

All this is true but he did liberate the TLM and lift the excommunications. My guess is he is trying to please everyone and in fact pleasing few. Still I love him. Can you imagine a Pope Kasper the ecumniacal friendly Ghost or Schoenborn who sends letters to God tied to a balloon at a youth Mass? If Benedict is so bad God save us from the rest.
bkovacs Wrote:And he hasn't even presided over a public Tridentine Mass yet. What is he weary of!.

Well he isnt a trad and as much as he may like smells and bells I am sure he is content with a "high Church" Paul VI mess, and doesnt want to give to much credence to trads. Remember in France he said that we must just be tolerated. Bottom line despite the incense and irmine trimmed Papal Vestments he is still a modernist. Although of the more agreeable kind.
remnant Wrote:So what the article basically says is, the Pope is acting like a Pope, and certain elements don't like the fact that he dares to do so.

Exactly they would prefer JPIII a Pope who invites clowns to the Vatican swings his cane around to break dancers in the Paul VI hall makes funny faces kisses Korans and makes a general ass out of himself. They want the former Papacy back.

"A feeling common to both reformers and traditionalists. Our feeling is there is no one at the wheel"

More like a chicken with out its head.

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