Fr. Damien
Ger Wrote:When I wanted to give my second baby the name Damien there were objections from in-laws that they had never heard of a saint of that name.

My father came to the rescue saying he had heard of a Father Damien who had worked among lepers until he died of the disease, and that he was on track for canonisation (this was twenty years ago).

I had no patience for the argument at the time.  My reply was: If no one Christens their children with the name Damien, there never will be a Saint of that name.

R.I.P. Dad. 

The Saints index at SQPN lists 10 Damiens in their list of Saints, Beati and Venerables.

BTW, Here, Here!!!  Mother T was also in the trenches, Fr. Damian remained and died in them.  They are both to be respected and commended.
Do not forget :

Mother Teresa was more in the media spot lights. But there were numerous more persons who heroically sacrificed their lives for their neighbour.
It's interesting how we all have differing levels of respect to certain saints.  However, I would like to withdraw my last statement and say that to each his own and holiness is unique to the person.  That being said I offer my veneration to all saints and to all who love them for their love of God. 

Please forgive me and would you all try your best not to make this a "my saint is better than your saint" contest.

virtus et veritas.

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