Abortion about to become legal in "catholic" Spain......
One of the last few holdouts for Catholicism and against laws for infanticide is about to go down, leaving only Poland, Ireland, and Malta still outside of the baby butchers clutches. This should be a great victory for the feminists who recently won the right there for lesbians to mock the sacrament of marriage.

So it's OK to marry your lesbo "life-partner" and murder your perfectly healthy, innocent baby in your womb that would become an obstruction to your ten hour work day and the "finer things in life". Child rearing is becoming an Anathema for Christians across the pond, no wonder it seems God is going to allow Islam to annex Europe someday.

Franco must be spinning in the grave.

What's the status of abortion in Portugal?
Spain isn't nor has been 'Catholic' for a long time. Weren't they the first in the EU to legalize gay 'marriage'?
Cyriacus Wrote:What's the status of abortion in Portugal?
They recently had a national referendum on the issue and the turnout was very low even though those that did the majority voted in favor for a proposed change to the current law which only provides abortion in the case of rape or the threat of danger to the mothers health (sound familiar?) and Portuguese politicians were quoted as saying they were going to push it through legislation anyway.
Portugal is in the process of selling out as well.

The self-genocide of Europeans is on track to stay the course.

Iuvenalis Wrote:Spain isn't nor has been 'Catholic' for a long time. Weren't they the first in the EU to legalize gay 'marriage'?
When I say "catholic" I'm referring that it is the dominate religious affiliation of that nation, not that it's a Catholic monarchy or something.
That in itself is the problem. If the majority of your country professes to be Christian/Catholic and is a so -called Democracy, then it should be able to control anti-Christian, demonic, legislation through the power of the vote.

When this fails, it can only mean that your religious faith is bogus or your nation is controlled by a few non-Christians with an agenda against your Church and you don't have the guts to stand against them, which is typical in most Western nations today.

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