Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist

Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist
Mr Keyes is 100% correct. Margaret Thatcher put it best when she said that " The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money (to spend)." This  "stimulus (porkulus) " bill will still be on the backs of our grandchildren. It has less to do with stimulating the economy and more to do with pet liberal projects being funded by we, the taxpayers. If any Libs out there can explain how projects such as funding "Acorn" and saving endangered California frogs will help to stimulate the economy and solve the current financial crisis we are in, I'm all ears.
I really wish Alan Keyes had won the Illinois Senate seat instead of Obama.  He (Keyes) has got a good head on his shoulders.
Munda_cor_meum Wrote:I really wish Alan Keyes had won the Illinois Senate seat instead of Obama.  He (Keyes) has got a good head on his shoulders.
When I first heard Mr. Keyes speak, I was impressed, too -- extremely so (great orators are so rare, and for him to be a self-proclaimed Catholic to boot -- sigh.). Then I read more and -- well, here goes:

From Renew America, link in text added by me: 

Nov 12, 2002 The Tovia Singer Show, Israel National Radio

SINGER: You know, I can't think of a better person to ask these questions to than yourself. There's a Jewish saying that words that come from the heart penetrate the heart. You are, as you well know, regarded as one of the most foremost orators, one of the finest speakers in this country, and I don't think it's just a gift, although you are gifted, but the passion comes across. You know, when I was in Washington watching you at the Christian Coalition convention, you could see, as you stood there in front of thousands of men and women who love Israel, you could see it just welling up within you. And then you brought up an audience to their feet, and it just swept us all away. You were exactly what we lovers of Zion needed to hear at that moment.
And you are also, in many ways, an insider. You are a servant, you have been for much of your life a servant to this country, and served in so many different areas. So I'm going to ask you something, just like a point that I think you would understand. There is a fear, there is a deep concern in any Israeli administration. Israel essentially has one friend in the world--and if you're going to have one, it should be United States. The state of Israel relies so deeply on the United States in so many ways--militarily, in the United Nations protecting Israel from the Europeans who would sooner destroy, and the tin hats there that cannot wait to bring down the Jewish state. There's a fear sometimes in the Israeli administration by moving ahead after terrorism. Often, America, historically, had stopped Israel in the midst of wars.
What do you suggest to an Israeli administration? Should they move ahead and do what they need to do, and not fear a retaliation from an administration, from a United States administration? Do you understand what I'm asking?
KEYES: Yeah, I do understand it. Let me tell you a couple of things. I guess, first--and I mean this from my own personal understanding of things, obviously, of my own faith--but I guess I think the greatest friend that Israel has in the world is God Almighty. And I deeply believe that we are in a time when, in His providential wisdom, one's attitude toward Israel is, in fact, a reflection of one's attitude toward Him. That's step number one.
And I think that's very important to the second point, because the second point is that American policies are very often influenced by American politics. And one of the realities of life in the present time for American politics is that you've got a Republican Party (and we obviously have a Republican president and Congress right now), and at the core of that Republican Party, there is a constituency, without which the Republican Party cannot hope for victory in any elections, at any level. And that constituency of strong believers, of people who are concerned about the moral direction of the country and its values, of people who are strongly opposed to terrorist violence, and strongly supportive of Israel, this is a constituency that will not tolerate a policy that retreats from and endangers the future of Israel--not only for Israel's sake, but for the sake of America, and all of the things we have to stand for.
And I think that's a very important fact to be aware of and to understand, so that as one works with the situation in America, one reaches out to and builds up that strong base of support which I think is right now having a very positive influence on the calculations of the current administration.
I think there has been, obviously, some misunderstanding, estrangement over the course of years, over a whole range of issues, that I hope is now being overcome--so that folks who are strongly supportive of Israel will stand on that common ground, across all the usual traditional dividing lines and barriers in American politics. And in doing so, I think we will be providing, not only stronger American policy with respect to Israel, but better American thinking in terms of the task we face, because that's the final point.

Also from Renew America, links added by me:

Oct 14, 2003 Keynote Address at the First Jerusalem Summit 
The thing that has impressed me over the years about Israel--not just in my understanding of its founding, my reading of that history, but in my experience of Israel, and the Jewish people I have come to know around the world--that while, yes, there was surely, as a result of that terrible Holocaust, a temptation to , to embrace the vision of revenge and hatefulness that can be the natural consequence of that kind of experience--though there was that temptation, it was never embraced as the destiny of the Jewish people or the state of Israel.
Now, instead, this state was born with an understanding that it was not in response to evil, but in the hope for a future in which children could be raised without the shadow of that evil, in which they would reach for the fulfillment of their potential, in which the hope, and heritage, and righteousness, and faith, and that spirit that says, "Come what may, do evil what it will, God is God and I shall stand for Him."
This, I believe, is a moral heritage that transcends any struggle for evil. And it is for the sake of this heritage that we, all of us, must join together to assure that our souls shall not be soured and our hope shall not be dimmed--not by the struggle against evil, not by the triumph of terrorism. We shall fight the fight as it is necessary in the world, but we shall win it first in our own souls and spirit--so that, at the end of the day, we shall stand not as people who have defeated evil, but as people who have once again vindicated the truth that, come what may, you cannot crush out that faith which holds on forever to the righteous will of God.


Again from Renew America:

Sep 8, 2004 Beth Hillel Congregation Bnai Emunah 
I have done much thought in the course of my life about the Middle East, about Israel. I had to do it, in fact, when I was at the United Nations serving the country, because I became the point man at many of the conferences and meetings that took place. They would send me in as kind of a political paladin, you know, "have speeches will travel." And my objective was to beat back all the nasty attacks that would be made at meetings that weren't about politics, but in which all these difficult security and political issues would be brought up: the women's conference where I helped to defeat--for the first time its history--the appalling "Zionism is racism" resolution, that in the course of the conference in 1985, we got removed from the documents for the first time in the history of that kind. There were quite similar political battles in Mexico City at the population conference.
And the reason I think these battles are important is very much in line with what I present myself as being: the candidate of moral priorities.
Israel is not just a strategic interest. It is not a strategic ally. Our commitment to Israel must reflect our understanding of the moral meaning of its existence. And what is that meaning? It is a meaning drawn from a situation in which a people have walked through the very heart of evil, and who have come out on the other side, not embittered and hating and ready somehow to poison the world with the venom of their violence of retribution; but quite the contrary: A people determined to build a better hope, to build a better destiny for themselves and for their children and for their future; a people determined, in spite of the howling voids that can be left sometimes in us with respect to good and right and God Himself, nonetheless who pick themselves up and to act in the light of a standard of righteousness that has become an inspiration for every people of decent heart and decent conscience anywhere on the face of this earth.
In regard to this we must understand that that right of inspiration to the human spirit must not be allowed to be extinguished--not by terror, not by hatred, not by states bent on crushing it beneath the weight of their anger and their vengeful retribution; it must be held aloft because that spirit is the very heart and soul of the commitment that decent people make in freedom to justice and to rights.
Hey Alan, this didn't just start with Obama, as bad as he is. He may just finish the job, but the GOP has had PLENTY to do with the collapse.

The Dems are socialists, and the GOP are socialist-lite. We're all New Dealers now.

A pox on both their houses.   

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