John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and the rest won’t receive Holy Communion from this Lourdes Chaplain. Not on your life.

John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and the rest won’t receive Holy Communion from this Lourdes Chaplain. Not on your life.
I would rather die first. Unless, of course, they publicly repented and went to Confession. Whether or not the liturgies in the Lourdes grotto are televised 24/7 (and there may be politicians who use this for their own publicity from time to time), no pro-death “Catholic” politicians will be receiving Holy Communion from this Lourdes Chaplain. Some American bishops weakly ask such pro-death people to refrain from receiving Holy Communion. But the Church says that it is necessary for all ministers of Holy Communion publicly to refuse Holy Communion to such pro-death people, even if they haven’t had a chance to speak with them first.
I suppose that there are some who would be significantly offended should they read this little post because someone printed it out for them before they made their pilgrimage here to Lourdes (since pretty much everyone comes here). I want such people to know how insanely stupid it would be to give Holy Communion to pro-death politicians: Holy Communion is the Son of the Immaculate Conception. He, the Author of life, was in her womb for nine months. Get it? She called herself the Immaculate Conception. Get it? Christ said that what you’ve done to the least of these you’ve done to me. Get it? Ripping kids apart in their mother’s womb isn’t consonant with receiving the Son of the Immaculate Conception in Holy Communion.
Some “Catholic” journalists might think that I’m being partisan. But I’m just being Catholic, that is, universal. Universal does not mean partisan. I’m for everyone coming to know the truth instead of being enslaved by the tyranny of relativism. I’m being a priest. And a papist. I’m proud of that.
I mean, look. It’s not rocket science. I know Nancy’s views well enough to get a hearing at the Holy Office on one of her pro-death policies. And, as far as John Kerry’s views go. I know them first hand. I talked with him for twenty minutes in the Vatican Gardens a while back about “Catholic” pro-abort politicians receiving Holy Communion. Anyway, anyone can know their views. Their views are notorious. That means that one does not have to depend on a bishop’s views about the matter. It’s publicly known fact.
The question: What if they are in error and just simply don’t know the evil they are doing?
The answer: Error does not justify, and error has no rights.


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