Scandal: SSPX priest assists at Novus Ordo Mass by local Spanish Novus Ordo bishop

The Resistance of Roman Catholics against Neo-Modernism seems to crumble. The SSPX seems to fall apart under pressure of some divide-and-conquer-strategies from the Vatican (with non-intended collateral damage due to the Bp. Williamson 'Holocaust denial' media outcry), by the ludicrous betonnation of the Novus Ordo Missae as the 'ordinary form' of the 'Roman Rite' (whereas in fact the Novus Ordo is nothing but a Bugnini form and concoction, not the Roman Rite; the only real Roman Rite being what is now known as the "Tridentine Mass").

Now by a "lifting" of excommunications which never existed, which Bp. Fellay and other SSPX leadership were "thankful" for. Why? Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer were not "rehabilitated", nor were the SSPX bishops, the outcry by supposed bishop 'colleagues' was huge, the SSPX bishops are not yet fully recognized by the Conciliar church, and the "lifting" of the pseudo-excommunications was presented as an "act of grace" inspired by "the Second Vatican Council" and Vatican II love. Presented as such actively by Benedict XVI in his latest allocutions.

Not to mention the requirement to believe in the civic humanistic religious dogma of The Holocaust. As if such things would matter.
I do not read Spanish. Can someone provide an English link?

Ax excerpt (rough translation):

Monseñor Torres Campos se le vió conversando con el R.P. Fallarcuna FSSPX, el cual lo invito a visitar el Priorato de San Benito, y el Señor Obispo para regresarle su invitación, le dijo: “quiero verte en mi primera Misa como Obispo de esta Diócesis”…
A las  6: 00 pm de la tarde empezo la Misa, y pues efectivamente el R. P. Gerald Fallarcuna en representación del buen Padre Lawrence Novak Prior FSSPX, asistió a la Misa, portando su traje de “Coro”, al cual sentaron justo a un lado de todos los Obispos asistentes.

Aun falta la visita formal que harán los cuatro sacerdotes  FSSPX del Priorato de San Benito al Obispo de Gómez Palacio, por el cual ya rezan en el Canon.

Monseigneur Torres Campos was seen conversing with the Rev. Fallarcuna, FSSPX, which I invited him to visit the Priory of San Benito, and the Bishop  returned the invitation, said him:  "I want to see you in my first Mass as the Bishop of this Diocese" …
At 6 o'clock in the afternoon I began the Mass, and R. P. Gerald Fallarcuna,  representing the good Father Lawrence Novak Prior FSSPX, attended the Mass, carrying their suit of "Chorus", to which they sat down beside the assistant Bishops. 
Thereby even if it lacked the formal visit that had been offered to the four priests of FSSPX of the Priory of San Benito made to the Bishop of Gómez Palace, by which already they prayed the Canon.  (Concelebrated?)
Sitting in choir is not the same as concelebrating and saying the canon.

I wonder about the veracity of this report.

CatholicThurifer Wrote:Sitting in choir is not the same as concelebrating and saying the canon.

I wonder about the veracity of this report.

As for every news item, we should always question its accuracy.   Especially when such statements as "por el cual ya rezan en el Canon" ("praying the Canon") raises obejections that this cannot be possible in the case of the SSPX.  As we know, not even the FSSP has done this. 

EDITED TO ADD the following:
"...asistió a la Misa" is translated "assisted at Mass, which means "took part" in the Mass.

Another excerpt:

Quote:Al arribo de Monseñor Torres Campos a su Catedral para cantar el Te Deum, justo en la entrada estaban algunos sacerdotes de la Fraternidad San Pío X, a los cuales el nuevo Obispo saludo con gusto, quizá porque portaban su sotana negra. Una vez concluido el Te Deum, el Señor Obispo invito a los Padres, a la Comida en su Honor, asistiendo a ella el R.P. Gerald L. Fallarcuna FSSPX, el cual el señor Obispo sento a un costado donde el presidia el festejo.
"On arriving at the Cathedral to sing the Te Deum, the new bishop, Torres Campos observed several priests of the FSSPX, which he recognized by their wearing the black soutanes (sotana negra), the bishop greeted these priests wit great alacrity and pleasure.   Upon concluding the Te Deum, the Bishop invited the priests to dine (a feast given) in his honor, one of whom who was attending was Fr. Gerald Fallarcuna, SSPX, who sat next to him."

Truly scandalous. A Successor of the Apostles invites priests in his diocese to attend Holy Mass and they accept the invitation. Wretched.

The SSPX obviously didn't get the memo that a key component of Traditionalism is being pinch-mouthed little piss ants. The fight for Eternal Rudeness against neo-politeness continues. So sad. :sneaky:
I love your response, Dr. Bombay![Image: salute.gif]
Vincentius Wrote:"...asistió a la Misa" is translated "assisted at Mass, which means "took part" in the Mass. 

"Assisted at Mass" is old-fashioned Catholic jargon for "attended Mass".  The people in the pews are said to have "assisted at Mass". 
A certain Patrick Omlor had this to say:


The mental anguish we often feel in seeing the situation worsen from
day to day is, paradoxically, our comfort. It was Chesterton who wrote
these lines:

Out of the mouth of the Mother of God
Like a little word come I;
For I go gathering Christian men
From sunken paving and ford and fen
To die in a battle, God knows when,
By God, but I know why.

And this is the word of Mary,
The word of the world's desire;
No more of comfort shall ye get,
Save that the sky grows darker yet
And the sea rises higher.

No more comfort, save that the sky grows darker yet? Are we actually
to find comfort in witnessing the situation growing bleaker? Yes! It is
because from the standpoint of eternity, bad news is often good news. It
forces us down upon our knees, it reminds us that we have not here a
lasting city, and that our dependence upon Almighty God must be total.
And so, paradoxically, we may rejoice in the fact that very likely there
are even far worse things in store for us, lurking beyond the horizon.
No rest for the weary, my friend.  Chin up, and keep up the good fight.  Ignore the good Doctor and his brutal lack of charity; I'm sure he's just having a rough week(year?).  Keep in mind, Bombay, that not everyone here considers the Novus Ordo Missae meritorious of the moniker "Holy Mass."  Your avalanche of irony fails to mask one glaring hypocrisy - how audacious it is to fling an accusation of rudeness out of your own cacaphony of bile.  The wooden beam in your own eye, and all that.

not only is "assisted at" old Catholic English jargon for "attended", but "asistió" is actually a false cognate for assisted and is more accurately translated as "attended"

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