Exorcisms as an Indicator of Jurisdiction
(02-23-2009, 11:19 PM)columba Wrote:
Anastasia Wrote:I've actually heard this before, that even demons respect jurisdiction. My pastor told a story once, when a priest had unknowingly crossed diocese boundaries, the demon mocked his inability to cast him out, because he didn't have the authority.
C. S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters portrayed the demonic legions as a vast, back-biting bureaucracy. It figures that in cases of possession they would be sticklers for paperwork.

Seriously, my SSPX priest said the Society generally will not perform exorcisms for reasons of jurisdiction. I think jurisdiction for exorcism was always treated more formally than jurisdiction for marriage and confession.

Demonic evidence that NO exorcists have jurisdiction is useful for combating sedevacantist arguments that the NO is entirely invalid.

That doesnt sound right at all. Some society Priests do perform excorcisms, in fact I know one in specific. If its necessary of course they will do it. Where on earth is your Priest getting that idea from? If the society has no problem with supplied jurisdiction for other matters they hardly will have a problem with exorcisms. If the society doesnt do many of them, its quite common sense really - its because its not the society's purpose to do so. Their primary purpose is the preservation of the Priesthood!

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