Report Falsely Claims Family Planning Programs Reduce Abortions
Washington, DC -- A new report from a pro-abortion group claims that family planning programs reduce the number of abortions. However, direct evidence from places where birth control and the morning after pill have been aggressively promoted show abortions increasing even with wider use.

Full story:

The big lie is that many "birth control" options are really abortificants that stop a fertilized egg (i.e., human being) from implanting.

I'm guessing if those were counted as abortions, the truth would be revealed.
My personal opinion is that these pro-abortion groups try to take credit for falling abortion rates, ignoring or minimizing the obvious contribution of pro-life groups to this end.

I remember reading literature to the effect that the availability of artificial contraception actually increases abortion rates, since, if the contraception fails, abortion is usually the fall back option.

In addition, Quis points out an important issue which is also often ignored by the pro-abortion lobby. I wrote on my blog as to the hidden abortifacient properties of a new pill advertized as "emergency birth control" on TV commercials.

They call it "Plan B" and deceptively advertise it as follows to make you think it does not cause abortion:

"The ad reassuringly points out that Plan B is NOT the abortion pill, RU-486. Plan B simply works to PREVENT pregnancy."

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