Italian homosexual wants to become a female by operation and enter a Nuns' convent

A psychiatric case it seems. Even the Russian state press agency seems to imply this. Sickos around in this world. This man needs psychiatric treatment, not genital mutilation or some breast implants.
Sadly, there are a number of such transgender people wandering through our sick world. Usually they change bcs they think it is better for them on every respect, including (and upon all) copulation.

Perhaps it would be charitable to warn this poor man that he will have to remain chaste forever if he enters the convent.
At least he wants to live a life of penance! Maybe if he first takes a vow of obedience, someone with a sound mind will set him straight.
I lived in San Francisco for many years where there were "trannies" everywhere.  They are truly sick, disordered people who need our prayers.  As a Franciscan I worked in the Tenderloin with populations of people whose lives were "on the margin," shall we say, and in retrospect, I think the most pitiful people I ever knew were the "transgenders."   My heart really aches for them.  They need psychiatric help, but few ever seek--or want--it.

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