The curious case of what's happening to me
I posted this on the prayer oratory form but thought that I'd also post it here because it is a health/medical question of sorts.

Again I humbly ask for the prayers of the good people on this forum.  Dark times have again rolled into my life.  About every four years I go through a period of doubt, nervous disorder, and constant panic attacks.  This condition (which is triggered either by nerves or something I'm not sure of) just comes on all of the sudden.  The first time I had to deal with it was as a senior in high school way back in the fall of 99.  Then again it came around the fall of 2004 and now it has yet arrived to torment and plague my life again (apparently).

The symptoms are constant worrying, a sometimes nervous, shaky feeling that will overcome me, mental anguish, and sometimes a pressure of sorts in my head.   This may last up to several months but usually goes away.  For instance it first started around Labor Day 99 and lasted till around February 2000.  It is not continuous and does let up in severity during some days (oh thank the good God for those days).  This is somewhat good since it is not a continuous thing but when I do have it (usually the worst is at night and sometimes in the mornings when I wake up). 

For the life of me, I have no idea in the world what could cause this.  I hope its not demonic obsession/oppression of some sorts (i'm not kidding).  This is what I originally believed it to be although I constantly try and put that idea out of my mind as too crazy to think of.  Maybe I should have tried to get help for it last time but when it finally goes away, I'm so happy that I just do not want to think about it anymore.

Has anybody else ever experienced something like this?  I feel crazy for even trying to tell other people(I kept my mouth shut and just endure it as much as possible the other times).  However in my life I have learned that it is sometimes better to talk to other people about issues like this then just keep it bottled up and fight it out alone.

Please, please pray for me.


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