The curious case of what's happening to me
Once you get panic attacks, you are more susceptible to them and they tend to reoccur.

Yes, I have experienced it.  I had my first panic attacks because of a medical condition that they couldn't diagnose for almost a year.  I thought, quite literally, I was going to die or at least had a terrible illness. I ended up on Paxil, and that helped.

After a year on Paxil, I wanted to get off of it.  So my doc let me.  About six months later I was under a lot of stress and started having panic attacks again.  So, back on the Paxil.  I've been through this drill a few times.

Every few years I try to get off of it.  I've been off of it a year now with no panic attacks -- the main stressor in my life is gone, which it wasn't on the previous tries, so I expect I'll be more successful.

There are two ways to manage panic attacks: drugs like Paxil or management techniques like therapy or stress management (e.g., breathing techniques, etc.).  But, it can be helped.  You just need to talk to your doc.

Now about Paxil, it works.  It really does.  But, the withdrawal off of it has been described as worse than heroin withdrawal.  I never used heroin, but I can tell you Paxil withdrawal is a nightmare.  Some people can never get off of it because they don't have the will to make it through the withdrawals.  I am willful to a fault, so I've been through it a bunch of times, and it is hellish every time.
So, my suggestion is to avoid Paxil and anxiety-reducing SSRI's if possible, but take them if you need to because they do work.

Go to the doc.  Seriously.  This can be fixed and/or medicated so you can get on with your life.

Adding:  This is not demonic, put that out of your mind.  These are classic symptoms of stress and panic attacks.


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