The curious case of what's happening to me
QuisUtDeus Wrote:Yes, I have experienced it.  I had my first panic attacks because of a medical condition that they couldn't diagnose for almost a year.  I thought, quite literally, I was going to die or at least had a terrible illness.

This is precisely my story as well.  It happened to me also in the summer before my senior year of high school and was triggered by an intense, constant vertigo.

The vertigo went away (for the most part) after quite some time, but it left panic attacks.  I haven't had one in years, but that is because I avoid situations that make me want to have them (driving on big highways, flying etc.).

I haven't found a particularily good treatment, but I can tell you that it is almost surely anxiety/panic attacks and nothing more.  You should see a doctor about perhaps get on some constant medicine or a tranquilizer that will help calm you down in the moment if you feel you are going to have an attack.  Sometimes just knowing that you have these pillls for those moments helps calm your nerves throughout the day.  You can also get on some programs that help you learn to cope and get over the fears that lead to panic attacks and the fear of panic attacks themselves.

I understand how absolutely horrible this condition can be.  Understand that it is a tool for great redemptive suffering, but also know that you must treat it.  Don't be alarmed.  You'll be just fine, but you'll want to speak with a doctor just so you can find comfort again.

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