Vatican rejects +Williamson statement
JonW Wrote:The substance of this thread seems to be:

Mortimer: I am so upset and emotional over this, and you should be too!

Hubert: But, my dear, if you reflect more carefully you'll see that you're blurring distinctions that won't stand the blurring, and you're becoming upset for no very good reason.
Mortimer: Why won't you sympathize with my plight?!  Didn't I just tell you that I am so upset and emotional?!
Hubert: Dear, if possible, please try to calm down and analyze the situation more clearly.  Your beloved square peg, which we all agree is a fine peg indeed, simply won't fit into the round hole; not because the hole hates the peg, as you claim, and not because the hole is in any way intrinsically defficient, but because it is in fact round, where your spanking peg is square.  And, as you can see, the sides of the peg can't all be crammed into that little hole.  I'm very sorry about this, and believe me, I can empathize.  I've had a similar peg all my life, and I've never been able to put it anywhere satisfactorily.  This is the unfortunate plight of the well-pegged I'm afraid. 

MortimerBut didn't you hear me?!  I am upset!  And emotional!

Hubert: Oh dear.
 I say, well assessed!  Well assessed indeed!  Bravo, Giles, bravo! [Image: pipe.gif]

This Hubert is starting to think that Mortimer doesn't want to understand, in which case, there is nothing more he can say  Are you suggesting that Hubert is being too sympathetic?
OKinyobe Wrote:That's right. Everyone who disagrees with you is emotional. Sure. Whatever.
Williamson ISN't a bishop.

You need to speak to a sacramental theologian and a canon lawyer.  Seriously.  You can't be a Catholic and believe an episcopal consecration is invalid because it was illicit.  Why do you think the Church recognizes the orders of the Eastern Orthodox (schismatic) churches?

Your stubborn insistence upon this point demonstrates a prideful ignorance, which is most dangerous to your soul.  This is a matter you may wish to reflect on.

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