A MAJOR GAP in Pro-Life Efforts
Ignatius_of_Loyola Wrote:So, this Sunday Morning, a friend of a friend found out she was pregnant and was considering an abortion.

Did you know that NOBODY is open on Sundays?
EVEN the National Call lines generally can't provide help?
EVEN Catholic Charities is not open?

Granted, Planned Parenthood et al, isn't open either, but should we as a movement

I spent the better part of 2hrs trying to find help for my friend who was with the pregnant girl. There was NOTHING. At the same time, the pregnant girl had another friend trying to tell her to have an abortion. I dont know how the situation will turn out.

How can we, as a movement, accept the fact that we'll only offer help M-F 9AM to 5PM (and 8PM on Tuesdays) and 10-1PM on Saturdays? 

I invite my fellow Pro-lifers to suggest and put pressure on these centers to ensure that there is 24hr help available. I realize they can't do it individually, but collectively... We should be able to do something.

We really really have to do better.

I think it seems like a small oversight, but a life could be lost because we as a movement didn't have someone available.

We can do better, much better.

what is your location? (general of course)
Birthright has a 24-hour hotline:

Just a bit of clarification that I feel is owed here...

Prayer is of course ALWAYS warranted.  I just generally think it goes without saying in these parts [Image: salute.gif]

As for the child...
All children are of course good.  The circumstances, however, may not be.  That is what I mean by this situation.  The pregnancy is a bad one and the reality is the child is getting off to a rough start provided, God Willing, a child actually comes into being.
But yes, a child is always good and pure, but as you said, there is a time for everything, with some times better than others... and that goes for life as well...


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