North or South Dakota Trads
Bumping the thread. Does anyone attend the SSPX chapel in Mandan? Or Dickinson? Just curious. I'd considered N. Dakota on my list of states in which to relocate. Ergo, I figured that I would ask. :tiphat:
I'm on the Eastern end of the state, so haven't been to either one.  Maybe James02 has?
I haven't braved the drive yet.  I am in Tioga, and there is no easy way over the Missouri River / Lakes.  I might make it once if the weather is good.  Looks like a 2 hour drive.

Supposedly the next wave of work will be around Killdeer.  If that is the case, maybe I'll base out of Dickinson, which would be real neat.  And Bismark would be a closer drive.

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