When will the USA have free and universal health care?
Aviano Wrote:
ErinIsNice Wrote:Secondly, if you have ever been in the er (in a real emergency) with an uninsured person, you see that they get treated very poorly in comparison to the insured.

I never saw that, in all the years I worked as a nurse. In fact, most healthcare providers in the hospital know nothing about a patient's insurance coverage. The only time I ever suspected that a patient might not have insurance was when we would get Mexican construction workers who didn't speak English. Or occasionally we would have to discharge a patient earlier than the doctor wished, because of the patient's insurance coverage - but in that case home healthcare coverage would generally kick in.
Usually the poor treatment comes in with the bills.  Sure, you'll have your emergency taken care of, but the hospital will keep trying to collect, and will ruin your credit if you don't pay up.  Then again, this happens when you have insurance too, and the care you needed to save your life isn't covered.
As a veteran, I have experienced government-run medical care. I'm not a huge fan.

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