"USA Dies Next Year" Says High Russian Scholar
From the Associated Press, via Yahoo News:

Russian scholar says US will collapse — next year By MIKE ECKEL, Associated Press Writer Mike Eckel, Associated Press Writer 1 hr 26 mins ago
The USA already has 50 distinct parts, those who claim it will be in "six" do not understand the core of the USA. It is the United States, and the overlords in Washington may not hold their absolute power for long, but such propaganda does not take into account reality. The USA has had worse economic situations and this one is a direct result of poor decisions and if the government does not continue to insist on putting future generations in debt, it will resolve itself.
The government won't let it resolve itself, though.  They're determined they can tax, borrow, and spend us right past this little rough patch.  That's the scary part.  Obama's appointees are frighteningly clueless about economics (and everything, really).  Bush's people were bad, but these guys are a joke.  It's hard telling how stupid they might be.  We know they're itching to nationalize whatever they can, and if they keep pushing debt, they'll get their chance.

I don't know about martial law and collapse in a year and all that, but consider this.  Imagine that credit tightness, falling prices, tax increases, and new environmental regulations (all of which are likely at this point) cause a lot of farmers to scale back production and/or store their harvest longer waiting for prices to improve.  If this causes a food shortage (or rumors of one), would Obama, with his belief system, hesitate very long to use Executive Order 10998 to put farms and food production facilities under federal control?  Of course not.  He'd see it as the only moral thing to do: have the government take over the food system and run it more efficiently and make sure everyone gets a fair outcome.  That's his plan on health care and mortgages, after all; why not food?  He wouldn't even see it as an unfortunate last resort, but as a positive move.

I don't think he's going to run right out and declare martial law and communize everything.  But, as his chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel said, crises are opportunities to push through actions the people wouldn't ordinarily allow.  If a crisis gives Obama the opportunity to advance his essentially Marxist/Utopian beliefs while claiming he's simply temporarily taking care of the little people, he'll naturally do so.

Bullets, beans, bandaids.
cunctas_haereses Wrote:Bullets, beans, bandaids.

This post has been brought to us by the letter "B".
bananas, butterscotch, Bogomils
Outsiders sometimes have the better perspective than the homers. I think this is one of times it is true. Those who don't want to live the materialistic, secular lifestyle, will walk right down the pagan religion aisle, because 'Christianity'(I'm using the broader sense of the term) is taboo to them.
Mhoram Wrote:The government won't let it resolve itself, though.

Bingo. This "crisis" has been engineered from day one.

Why does "Panarin" sound like the name of a drug?  "Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: dizziness, upset stomach, paranoia, distopianism, vomiting, tingling sensation in the arms, legs, hands, head, and feet, dry mouth, increased muscle spasms, GERD, delusions, sleepwalking," etc, etc, etc.
It's just as likely to write "High Russian Scholar Dies Next Year".


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