The Child Pornographer Next Door

The Child Pornographer Next Door
Maggie Gallagher
Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Lately the phrase "unlimited texting" is taking on a whole new meaning:
"In Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah (at last count) minors have been arrested for 'sexting,' or sending or posting soft-core photo or video self-portraits," The American Prospect reported.
Among the recent cases:
Six high school students from Greensburg, Pa., were charged with possessing, manufacturing and distributing child pornography this month after nude pictures of several underage girls were confiscated from one of the boys' phones. The three 14- and 15-year-old girls who sent the self-made child porn and the three 16- and 17-year-old boys who received it were arrested.
In Fort Wayne, Ind., a teen boy faces felony obscenity charges for allegedly sending a photo of his private parts to several girl students.
Nor is this always kids' play. In a suburb of Phoenix, the assistant principal of Buckeye Union High School faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted on charges that he received (voluntarily) sexually explicit photos sent from a 17-year-old girl student's cell phone.
In Tennessee, the Memphis City Schools system is launching a new task force to deal with "sexting." In Utah, according to the Daily Herald of Provo, Republican state Rep. Sheryl Allen has introduced a bill that reduces the first child porn offenses by teenagers from felonies to misdemeanors, with repeaters subject to felonies.

Quote:These silly, awfully misguided kids could have the "registered sex offender" label stuck on them for life for sending these pictures of themselves...
North of Seattle in Bothell, Wash., two cheerleaders sent naked photos to their boyfriends, only to find that the images rapidly passed through the entire school, ending up in the office of a school administrator who punished both girls for violating the high school code. (The girls' parents are suing the school district for its staff members passing on naked photos of their daughter to several other school personnel.)
No wonder Larry Flynt is standing in line for some government stimulation. Oh, for the good old days when men were actually expected to pay for porn!
By now the way in which modern technology makes the consumption of pornography universally available is old hat. The sexting craze underlines the way the creation of pornography has been equally democratized -- in this case right into the hands of suburban 15-year-old girls pathetically trying to attract or keep the attention of porn-jaded boys.
Why do girls act like this? In his book "Boys Adrift," Leonard Sax writes about asking a 16-year-old girl "as gently as I could, why she was wearing a Hooters outfit to a school Halloween party."
"If you don't dress like this, nobody will even notice you," she told him.
The savvy scholars at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy uncovered the news that more than half of teen girls who send sexy photos of themselves do so in response to pressure from some guy -- usually boyfriends or potential boyfriends. It took an intrepid New York Post reporter to discover these and even sadder reasons why some suburban teen girls cave to ex-boyfriends' pressure for self-made porn.
A 15-year-old New Jersey high school sophomore explained that she fired off 40 naked pictures to her ex-boyfriend in a failed attempt to win him back. One 16-year-old from New Jersey offered a different reason: "(My ex-boyfriend) kept asking me, and it was annoying," so she finally gave in and sent him photos.

Quote:... which probably ended up all over the school. If things were right in the world, she could have gone to her Dad, brothers, cousins, or godfather and gotten such a problem taken care of at the end of a fist or two if need be.
Gee, what could possibly be more pathetic than a girl who sends an ex-boyfriend naked pictures to win him back? How about a girl who sends an ex-boyfriend naked photos to make him go away?
Right now we have a decision to make: Is underage porn (these aren't really children) a crime or not? If so, how do we treat girls and boys who engage in it "for fun" and not for profit?
After all, if the thought that their fellow students, their teachers, their employers, their college admission officials, the entire football squad, their mothers and the local district attorney may well see these cell phone photos is not enough to discourage teens -- then we really have a problem on our hands.
Quote:What is the thought that fellow students, their teachers, their employers, their college admission officials, the entire football squad, their mothers and the local district attorney might see such pictures compared to the possibility of getting a boy to like you?
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This is so common, its disturbing. Look at a teenage girl's MySpace/Facebook page. Maybe there is no pornography, but you can find some pretty suggestive pictures and scant clad clothing. Teens values are so skewed, many live solely for the attention of others. Facebook and MySpace only further their objectives. They also don't understand that whatever they put on the internet or in text is no longer private. It's so sad.
How freaking sad. :( For all the "empowerment" that women are supposed to be getting, it sure seems like we have a bunch of little girls with no self-worth happy to objectify themselves these days.
I thank God everday that my wife has made HUGE Sacrifices to homeschool our children, especially after I read this stuff.  They stay out of institutionalized schools were this stuff is brought on by peer pressure.

My children are oblivious to this kind of garbage because of it, and I thank the Good Lord for that.
They have free will and a rational mind.

The punishments may seem, at first glance, unfair, but it should be no shock.

If they want to be considered children and not be treated as adults, they should not do these things, otherwise, there is no difference between a 14 year old and a 40 year old person.
This is really quite sad (girls takes pictures of themselves and sending them to boys, whether voluntarily or due to peer pressure), but it is yet another indication of how far our society and culture have sunk. I wonder if we'll ever see the "good ol' days" ever again.* Will the majority of people ever turn their backs on this phoney and shallow culture and be able to influence their chldren to do the same (eventually forcing the media to change its perspective/angle in order to cater to the more mature audience)?

I feel that all we can do is to live holy lives, pray for this generation and be a good example to our neighbors (aside from the ambitious among us who create awareness groups that promote morals - especially the duty that we have towards God - and possibly high culture, as a counterbalance to popular culture).

*I'm quite aware that society will never be perfect, especially when the Kingship of Christ is not universally recognized. 
So who bought all these little brats the phones in the first place, hmmmmm???
cunctas_haereses Wrote:So who bought all these little brats the phones in the first place, hmmmmm??? doubt
Certainly they should be punished, but let's do so under different statutes. These aren't sweaty men with sideburns, a scared child, and a Polaroid camera, but rather an entire debauched generation who happen to be very technologically proficient. Everything they do is both web-connected and perverted. They can't even imagine fornicating without uploading it to youtube, making a twitter announcement, and a facebook group for the participants.

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