More Information that Palin is Pro-Choice
Stephanos Wrote:Thanks for the heads-up Belloc.

I don't mean to be spiteful or vindictive toward anyone (and I'm certainly not glad Palin did this, not in the least), but I'm glad I didn't vote for McCain. This shows that Republicans' campaign promises are one thing - actual legislature and works are often quite different when it comes to push-and-shove.
Especialy when it comes to Mclame.
The solution is to not vote at all.  Ever.  For anyone of any party.
Spend the time you would've spent voting praying.  You'll be better off for it and the country will be too. 
As Catholics we have a duty to vote, else we have no reason to complain.
Bah.  We do not have a duty to vote.  Nonsense. And non-voters have as much right to complain as voters. 
We were always taught in school, that as Catholics we were obligated to love and help our country in whatever ways possible. Voting for good candidates(not "lesser of two evils" bullshit) is one of those ways. They may not win, but our consciences are clear.

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