Hi everyone! I'm new - good to be here :)
Hello "girl" :)
Don't mind the forum at the moment; the host is really messing around with it, not the admins.
I hope you find the community beneficial as well, despite these technical trials...
Thanks, ONeill, for the welcome!
The forum actually doesn't look too bad right now - at least to me. The colours are quite calm and peaceful - just what's needed for Lent :)

Well, right before I posted, it has a simpler theme made by the admins (I highly doubt they chose this).
Also, some functions are lost (searching last time I tried didn't work).
In addition, the admins are making a new forum on their fisheaters domain to get more control and save money. The new forum is not active, although they are developing the theme and design and one can register, but those posts will be deleted anyway (so they are either directly about the forum, or not serious). The new one being tested is, but it is not the FE forum yet:
These posts will be moved there when they are done, but I have not knowledge of whether the accounts can be moved.

Puella, welcome to the forum!

I pray it provides some strength and encouragement for your soul during the season of Lent. You are most welcome here...

May God bless you always!

Welcome, Puella! 
Thank you all for the welcome![Image: monstrance.gif]
Welcome to the fish tank! [Image: hellosmiley.gif]
Munda_cor_meum Wrote:Welcome to the fish tank! [Image: hellosmiley.gif]

[Image: huh.gif]

But I'm not even very good at swimming! :D
[Image: titanic.gif]

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