Moral degradation, anyone?
This headline stuck out to me like the Quietus from the book The Children of Men. How depressing - and look how far the world is sinking.

I can't help but remember part of a quote by the late Fr. Maciel: "when I think of the world waning and dying for lack of Christ..."
Wealthy UK Couple Die at Swiss Dignitas Suicide FacilityMP calls for debate in Parliament

LONDON, March 9, 2009 ( - A wealthy couple from Bath, England, are the latest British citizens to end their lives at the Swiss suicide facility run by a group known as Dignitas, in Zurich. At the same time, euthanasia advocates in Parliament and some British medical associations are calling for a debate on the law prohibiting assisting suicide in the U.K. [Image: PeterPennyDuff.gif]Peter and Penny Duff, a retired wine consultant and his wife, died on Feb. 27, 2009. Both were suffering from terminal cancer. The couple's daughter, Helena Conibear, called what her parents had done a "beautiful and remarkable thing." She told the London Times, "It is an amazing story, but because of the legal issues involved we are unable to discuss it at this stage."
Liberal Democrat MP Dr. Evan Harris told media that their deaths are reason to call for a new debate in Parliament over the law against assisted suicide. Harris, known as "Dr. Death" for his vocal support for legal euthanasia, abortion and embryonic stem cell research, called the fact that in over 100 documented cases of "assisted dying" no one has been prosecuted, an indication that the law is outdated.
He said, "It is time for Parliament to remove the doubt which makes an upsetting situation even more traumatic."
But Peter Saunders, campaign director of the anti-euthanasia group Care Not Killing, said, "One hundred Britons have ended their lives in Zurich. In the same period there have been three million deaths in this country. That suggests there is not a huge, pent-up demand."
Although actively "assisting suicide" remains a crime in Britain, punishable by up to 14 years in prison, medical associations are beginning to consider the issue more favorably.
Wow! every so often I sit back and think, what the hell is wrong with people.
Why did they wish to have this assisted suicide?
Quote: Why did they wish to have this assisted suicide?

I believe they thought their cross was too heavy for them. [Image: sad.gif]

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