Obama Advisor Not Sure if Abortion Will be in Health Care Plan
Washington, DC -- With President Barack Obama having already promoted abortion on several occasions on of the upcoming battles concerns whether he will include abortion in a health care reform plan. A top White House officials says she's not sure if that will happen.
Melody Barnes, the pro-abortion White House Domestic Policy Council Director, sat down with David Brody of CBN News and said she didn't know whether Obama's plan will feature abortion.

The pro-life community is concerned that the plan will provide taxpayer coverage for abortions and that insurance companies will be forced to include abortions in their health care plans.

More at http://www.LifeNews.com/nat4908.html

Oh, it will be in the distastrous health plan, alright. Get used to paying for state-approved deaths, at least until Mr. Oh-How-Wonderful-I-Am (or Obama, as he is usually known) is kicked out of office. Even then you'll have difficulty getting rid of that clause.

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