What's your confirmation name? (newest thread)
I saw one from like 2005 on the same, but FE has changed much since then (methinks?) in membership.

So, unless your confirmation name is also your 'real' name and you're trying to stay incognito or something, please share...

Also, how old were you when you were confirmed?

I was 28 (same night as baptism, communion, etc), I chose Augustine.

Bernadette and I was 15.
Thomas More. I was 18. I sometimes use "Thomas More" as two middle names when writing.
Edmund, Francis I was 22 that was five long years ago.
St Michael the Archangel. I was 10.
I have two sons still at home and they were just confirmed. The older is 11 and chose St John Chrysostom. The younger is 8 and chose St Michael. (He also received 1st Holy Communion that day).
Mine was Pio (after St. Pio of Pietrelcina).  I was 17 when I was confirmed (4 years ago).

I wasn't allowed to choose one. I felt very cheated, so, to make up for it, I privately adopted both St. Agnes and St. Francis. I was 15.
I was 30 years old (1970)when I converted and 34 (1974)when I was Confirmed ( I, also, was my confirmation class instructor). I chose St. Thomas Aquinas.
Philomena, and I was 9 years old.
- Lisa
Michael and I was 8 years and confirmed in the Tridentine rite


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