What's your confirmation name? (newest thread)
The_Harlequin_King Wrote:
loggats Wrote:Why would he slap you? Very poignant story.

I assume that refers to the light strike on the cheek in Confirmation, after the sacrament itself. I believe, like many other things in the NOM, it's "optional". Hence if you were confirmed in the NO rites, you may or may not have gotten one.

Oh ic! I assumed it had something to do with "Bridie" leading to an altar side attack. Never mind.
Ursula Jerome. I was 21.
I was confirmed at the age of 29, and my Confirmation name is Polycarp (which is also who my avatar picture is of).


Mine was Jervis - a derivation of Gervase 1st century martyr
The Priests laughed about it....lol

David Joseph and I was 11.
Therese, and I was 30.
Jude, I was 11 and had already two years of particular devotion to St Jude behind me. A most excellent saint!

I received the episcopal "slap" at my confirmation in 1982 - it was an excuse for us younglings to get giddy and added an extra frisson of excitement to the ocassion. I remember we were told it was a sign of obedience to the bishop and his role in correcting us should we stray into error. The year after me it changed to the "kiss of peace" but, in the current climate, I know its been changed to a friendly handshake!
Sebastian at 15 [Image: smile.gif]

As an aside, here's why the bishop gives a slap (according to St. Robert Bellarmine):

Quote:"In Confirmation a slight blow is given to us, that so the Christian soldier may learn to fight, not by striking, but by enduring...[Confirmation] bestows the gifts of spiritual wisdom and of charity, which is “patient and kind;" and as a sign of this most rare and yet most precious virtue of patience, the Bishop gives the person about to be confirmed a slight blow, that he may remember he now becomes a soldier of Christ, not to strike, but to endure; not to do injuries to others, but to bear them. In the Christian warfare, he fights not against visible but invisible enemies; for thus did Christ our great commander fight and conquer, who being nailed to the cross, conquered the infernal powers; thus did the Apostles fight, only just confirmed, for being severely scourged in the council of the Jews, they went forth " rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer reproach for the name of Jesus." The grace of Confirmation then effects this, that when a man is unjustly injured, he should not think of revenge, but rejoice that he suffered reproach unjustly."


I was 9.
Eleanora --derivative of Helen.  I was 11.

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