What's your confirmation name? (newest thread)
PaxVobiscum Wrote:
damooster Wrote:I'm picking St. Dismas for my confirmation this year. I'm 31, and I hope I get slapped.

Don't hold your breath about getting slapped.  Bishops were the ones who used to slap kids when they were confirmed, reminding them that they were now soldiers of Christ.  But bishops rarely if ever confirm adults (adults are usually confirmed at the Easter Vigil with the parish priest officiating), and it seems that bishops no longer slap kids, either.  The good news is that the Easter Vigil is impressive and you'll really be Catholic afterwards!

If the bishop is celebrating the Easter Vigil at the cathedral or co-cathedral, then he does confirm adults.  I was confirmed by my bishop, no slap though.
DeiMateralma Wrote:
piabee Wrote:
DeiMateralma Wrote:Rose

I was 9.


To Rose or being nine (both?)

Both, I think? I may have been 8. I don't remember.
I was 15 and chose Cecilia. I picked her because of my love for music, and heavy involvement with choir/singing.

Never had a dad, thought I'd go for the best God could pick.

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