Another liberal RCIA class.
I know I'm new to the forums, Catholicism, and traditionalism, but I had to share something with all of you that I know will fire you up.

I am in RCIA at a very liberal parish. Our class this evening was about church history with a focus on Vatican II. The speaker, also a liberal, said many things that attacked traditionalism. She pretty much said that traditionalists need to fall in line with doctrine because the Church will never revert to its traditionalist roots. Then she went on to talk about how important it is for women to become priests, and that she believes priests should be allowed to marry. All this in front of the head pastor, who just nodded.

I thought this matter was closed for good (women priests). Is she failing to heed her own words by not falling in line with doctrine, or is there still a possibility that women can become priests?


Dogma never changes and this has been settled. Those who wish to change dogma should not be in the Church (and really, aren't, if they explicitly go against the dogma in the Church. The Church is not a human institution).
It isn't worth being upset over. 
There is no possibility.  She is making it up as she goes.

damooster, you're going to have a lifetime of learning to un-learn the hooey they're feeding you.  Best of luck with that.

I admire your growing skepticism with this parish!  You're going to make a fine traditional Catholic.  :laughing:
As you learn more about the recent history of the Church, just keep in mind people use Vatican II to justify anything from the Latin Mass to women priestesses, and everything in between. As such, don't necessarily equate the intent of the Council with the ideology of your teacher.

No, women cannot become priests. This is not a matter of discipline which can be changed (unlike celibacy, or attending Mass on Sunday, for instance). A male is part of the necessary matter for the Sacrament to "work." For that matter, men cannot become nuns. No fair!
OP: I recommend you get a solid, unambigious Catechism like the Catechism of the Council of Trent. When in doubt, consult it. There are things in it which have been refined, but nothing in it has been changed.
Why do you bother going to those meetings where heresy is openly taught and approved of by the priest? If you wanted to become a Catholic, would you go to a meeting at the synagogue? the Hari Krishna temple? a Baptist bible study?

You might consider looking for an independent Catholic chapel close to you where you can get baptized and confirmed.
There is no such thing as "independent". There is in the Church, or outside the Church. There are no freelancers.
Damooster I woulld get out of there as fast as you can find a conservative or better yet traditional Catholic church as soon as possible. You are not being taught Catholicism in the first place. I can't see sticking it out there especialy if the Priest agrees with this moron chances are you arent even going to Mass there. If the Priest does not intend to do what the Church does in the eucharist then your just worshipping a piece of bread and from what youv'e said this Priest isnt in line with the Church. Next time your there ask what the sacrifice of the Mass is from the Priest have him explain it to you. And then go find a new parish.
ONeill Wrote:There is no such thing as "independent". There is in the Church, or outside the Church. There are no freelancers.
There most certainly are. They are Priests that have been ordained and act outside a structure such as the SSPX or CMRI. Personaly I would stay away from them but they still are Catholic Priests who beleive what the Church has always taught. I'd go to one of them before Damoosters Priest.
"Independent" is a very loose term. Those women priest groups are also independent aren't they?
Independent also raises the issue of from what are they independent? 

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