Another liberal RCIA class.
51olds Wrote:damooster, let me just say how sorry I am to see you in this predicament. I went through a really bad RCIA class myself at one time but at least they didnt try to say that women should be ordained!!! I dont know if you looked at wikimissa but there seems to be a Latin Mass offered in Alexandria. Maybe you could try to go there and see if you can receive the sacraments by a priest that might be a bit more open to Tradition and in line with the Church's teaching.

ALEXANDRIA - St Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church 6222 Franconia Rd
Sun 12:30 pm
Pho (703) 971-4378
Diocese (Fr Christopher Mould)

Thank you so much for this information. I know where St. Lawrence parish is and will try to contact someone there. I talked to my home parish head pastor and he told me that I could receive the sacraments there, but I would have to get a letter from my current RCIA director stating that I've been in RCIA there. Asking for a letter will/would be very interesting.
ONeill Wrote:"Independent" is a very loose term. Those women priest groups are also independent aren't they?
Thats a good point.

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