Wonderful new website for Tridentine Latin Mass in San Antonio
Okay just a thought - popped into my head - but I wonder if UIW would allow a TLM at the little chapel {Our Lady's Chapel is the official name} there?

It seats 200 I think, and is fairly traditional {no altar rail, but does have high altar area & a few tasteful statues. With a little work it would work I think}. I know they currently DO NOT have a priest working for the university for campus ministry {and have been without for nearly a year}. Because it's not a parish church it might not have been considered for the TLM.

And from what I've heard they are trying to go more trad on campus - they are having rosary events & had a BIG ash Wednesday event with rosary, stations of the cross, etc and confession}

No parish priest to have to work around, and it would be an example to all the university students who attend there.
dakotamidnight Wrote:I see - I wonder if a group of us went to SPEAK with the pastor of St Mary's or St Josephs, if perhaps that might change things. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

We are lucky that any pastor in town allowed the TLM to be said in his parish.  Even if St. Pius is an modern looking building, at least the TLM is there.  Hopefully the TLM will keep spreading to more parishes in San Antonio.  Two parishes since the MP...not bad for a start. 
There's alway's the SSPX parish, St. Joseph's, by Lee HS.

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