Paul Claudel L'Annonce faite à Marie/The Annunciation of Marie film on DVD or VHS?
<style></style>Here in New York, the Blackfriars Repertory/Storm Theatre is staging Paul Claudel's The Tidings Brought to Mary, a 1892 modern mystery play:  
  The Tidings is the first production of THE PAUL CLAUDEL PROJECT celebrating the life and work of the Catholic poet-dramatist.  Future productions planned are The Satin Slipper and Break of Noon.   I understand that there is a film version of this Claudel play called L'Annonce faite à Marie/The Annunciation of Marie, but it seems not to be available on DVD or VHS:   
  If anybody knows how to locate a copy, I would love to know.  Any leads or suggestions? 

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