Getting family to church...without acrimony
"voxpopulisuxx" Wrote:This has been a very good thread for me Thank you all.
Pesonally however I do have the venial sin of impatience that gets really wacked out by deliberate foot dragging, so maybe God is teaching me......(never pray for patience)
But the thought of saying fine...all of you stay home! Im going! is a great temptation that also horrifys me to think about at the same time.....

Vox, we have a lot in common - I'm usually an impatient person myself and I have done just what you said but during family rosary (which is another difficult time getting kids to behave) - I told my little girl "If you're not going to say the rosary you need to go to bed." 

"Okay" was the reply as she headed down the hall to her bedroom.
Panicking I was like, "No, wait! We say the rosary as a family - get back here and behave!" She was just as confused as I was and I never expected her to take me up on my offer.
Moral of the story: don't bluff! :-P


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