Bishop Won't Attend Notre Dame Commencement Over Obama Invite
Bishop Won't Attend Notre Dame Commencement Over Pro-Abortion
Obama Invite
South Bend, IN -- Bishop John M. D'Arcy who oversees the part of
Indiana that includes the University of Notre Dame says he will
not attend the Catholic college's commencement because it invited
pro-abortion President Barack Obama. The president will be
receiving an honorary doctorate and speaking to graduates.
The decision by Notre Dame to invite Obama and UNF president John
Jenkins decision to defend the invitation has sparked national
outrage within the pro-life Catholic community.
It has also produced fallout -- with Bishop D'Arcy not attending
the ceremony.
Full story at:
If it weren't for the fact that Obama's too stupid to be the Antichrist, I'd say that he is the Antichrist.
    I say stupid because I think the real Antichrist would not have showed his evil and perverted tendencies as blatantly as Obama has.

Now if all the graduates were to follow Bishop D'Arcy's example, it might send a profound message.

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