Succession changes in the British Monarchy?
This should interest the Monarchists and Monarchy-enthusiasts among us.

(Aside: I wish Jovan were here to comment on this.  I hope he's doing well)

PM and Palace 'discussed reform'
[Image: _45255803_-6.jpg]
A Private Members' Bill on the reforms has been put forward
Thank you so much for sharing this!!
Is this really good news, or an indication just how impotent the Church is in Europe at the present time?  Chances are the Brits wouldn't be so tolerant if they thought their monarch might actually start to act like a Catholic. 
No! No appeasement to the enemy! Truth shall stomp out England!

Long live His Majesty Francis, Duke of Bavaria and rightful King of England, Scotland and Ireland (and Bavaria, while we are at it, too!)

(besides being an oppressed minority has its chic benefits)


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