Enjoyment as gluttony?
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Yum! My kind of meal!  :laughing:

Not to depart too much from the original topic, but I've wondered about how to balance enjoyment and mortification, especially with the ideas of contemplation through the senses, and self-denial for the sake of Christ.

For example, with the practice of contemplation through the senses, one eats something (a peach, let's say), and then thinks about how good it is, and reflects that God created that peach and the person's taste buds so that the person could enjoy the peach, which then leads to reflecting on how good God is, and thanking Him.  It's a good way to turn one's mind to God in all things, and can be used for anything involving the senses. But it worries me slightly, because I wonder whether it can lead to sensuality (right word?) and focusing too much on created things.

Mortification and self-denial should be pretty old news, so I won't explain what it entails. It worries me, because what if in trying to do it, and offer sacrifices to Christ all the time, I end up denying myself too much, and not appreciating created things at all?

Does this make sense? Maybe I'm just rediscovering my tendency to overthink things. ;)
I would say it becomes gluttony not only when you eat too much, but also when you throw good food away or when you become too good to eat something lesser.  A feast for a birthday or holiday is great and to be enjoyed - the bible is full of positive references to feasts.  However, do you become too good to eat certain foods?  Do you have to have the best cut of steak or can you learn to enjoy something like liver.  Will you only eat ribs or can you sometimes eat canned ham.  Does every meal have to be fine French cuisine or can you learn to appreciate a simple lentil soup?  Sin is about abusing the good things God has given.  Whe you say the "traditional" grace you ask God to bless you and the food which his grace provides.  If you are truly thankful for the food on the table in front of you, you can be satisfied eating simple foods and gluttony will never rule you.

Besides absence makes the heart grow fonder and NOTHING tastes better than a ginormous Easter feast after a long Lenten fast!  :eats:

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