SaraLucille's Sugar Cookies
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runner up?
are you kidding?'re just jealous.
now i want bbq and sugar cookies!!!! thanks for making me have to change my dinner plans! :pig:
California barbecue is grossly underappreciated. The Santa Maria style is native to the central part of CA. I'm not sure of the exacts but it mainly consists of beef ribs and tri-tips (a cut of beef that eludes and confuses most people outside of CA) seasoned with Santa Maria style seasoning and slow cooked over a smokey wood fire. Often served covered in REAL salsa (none of this store bought crap) along with french bread, roasted corn, and beans. Purists may scoff but they likely have never had it. It is even better if you use actual beef from central CA. This is the kind of barbecuing that we do at home though we are known to make the almost 3 hour trip to get the real thing.

As for Oxnard style bbq, since this city is roughly 227% Mexican, I'd say it is mainly carne asada steak cooked until it is the texture of beef jerky over a bag of cheap charcoal and a gallon of lighter fluid.. To say Mexicans like their steak well done is an understatement. My dad loves to eff with servers and order his steaks rare just so he can watch them do a double take and accuse them of racial profiling. But whoppers cooked over old tires is close. Man, I hate my city.

Lawrence as a baby name and a patron saint is perfect for my family since 90% of our lives (the good parts anyway) revolves around beer and barbecues. It was the front runner for Baby Johnson but I've been practicing with the name and I can't stop laughing. It sounds silly, calling a baby "Lawrence." I got a few weeks to get used to it, but I have a backup (that I will likely end up using.)

Anyway, as for cookies. I'm going to try this recipe. I've been looking for a better sugar cookie recipe than my own because mine always managed to be mistaken for coasters in texture, appearance, and taste. My son has to make something in the kitchen for cub scout achievements and I'm thinking he might enjoy making and decorating cookies.

Aw, thanks Satori. I just saw this... you made my day. :smile: And yes, the key is rolling them thin, and not over baking. They get better and better every time you make them. Enjoy for years and years. :smile:
Is the recipe posted somewhere? I didn't see it.
I will enjoy these cookies AFTER Lent, I swear![Image: popcorn_chair.gif]
OKinyobe Wrote:Is the recipe posted somewhere? I didn't see it.
I will enjoy these cookies AFTER Lent, I swear![Image: popcorn_chair.gif]

I'm copying SaraLucille's original cookie post right here, complete with her comments:

This is a family recipe, but I don't know the origin. I promise they are the best sugar cookies you will ever eat... like nothing you have had before.


Grandma’s Sugar Cookies:

Preheat Oven: 350


3C Powdered Sugar

2C Butter


2 Eggs

2tsp Vanilla

1tsp Almond Extract


5C Flour

(add gradually^)

2tsp Baking Soda

2tsp Cr. of Tarter


*Mix and Chill for 2-3 Hours (I cover the bowl in a kitchen towel, and top with a plate)

     *Take dough from fridge, let sit for about 20 min. (or workable consistency)

*Roll out (separate dough into 3-4 sections-cover work surface in a mixture of powder sugar and flour- roll thin), Cut, Bake 6-7 min (don't over bake! I like them "just done")

note: My mom and I only re-use rolled out dough once, but my Grandma would use rolled dough until it was gone. It is up to you.




3 ½ C Powdered Sugar

½ C Crisco


2 Egg Whites

¼ tsp salt

   2 tsp Vanilla

   3 tsp Almond Extract

     Food dye to desired color.

note: The cookies get melt-in-your mouth, buttery soft after frosting has been on for a couple hours.


I'll also add that its better to use light-colored pans. The cookies seem to burn easily on those dark teflon ones. In my opinion, air bake sheets are the best.
I had a delicious sugar cookie today, only I can't post the recipe. It came from an Amish bakery.

Yes, it was a heretic cookie.

Though for sweet bonneted old ladies who make jalapeno-cheese bread I'm happy with the term "separated brethren." 
The best doughnuts I've ever eaten were made by heretic Amish ladies. I wish they'd convert and bring their skills to a Catholic kitchen.
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