What brand?
*warning: thread not for anti-smokers or people trying to quit.*

WHEN you smoke cigarettes, what brand do you go with, and why?

Parliament Blues for me...they have a sort of "woody" flavor, aren't harsh like camels but pack the same punch, and have the awesome recessed paper filter.

I'll give you the recessed filter but I like Camels. I like the burn and harshness.
Norbert Wrote:*warning: thread not for anti-smokers or people trying to quit.*

There is no such thing as "trying to quit". You have either quit or you are still smoking. :laughing:

When I smoked, I did 3 packs/day of Marlboro Reds.  If I bummed a light/ultra light, I just ripped off the filter and smoked it bare.  I also liked Camel filters.  If I was feeling fancy, I'd pick up Lucky Strikes.

I tried to be a Pall Mall smoker because they were so cheap, but it tasted like tobacco mixed with dust bunnies.
I had a friend that smoked American Spirit yellows (banana flavored!), but they tasted like tobacco mixed with sawdust.
I wanted to like Winstons.  But they tasted like tobacco mixed with dry air-- what a dull, lifeless smoke!
Parliments?  I always figured they were for the gays with that strange little novelty filter...
Marlboro lights and menthols are ones for the gays.

I don't know how you could smoke all those reds...I think the three packs a day was cause they didn't have enough nicotine.

And yeah.  I know.  I just didn't want the thread hijacked by people who would be irritated by it's existence.

Natural American Spirit.  I prefer to roll my own, but when I smoke more often, I just buy packs.
Camel Filters are the best cigarette I've ever smoked. And I've tried them all.
Not that I smoke (although I love the smell of Tobacco) , I will have to agree that making your own cigars is by far the best.

I would assume my ancestors smoked some blend Nicotiana rustica (really strong stuff) and Nicotiana tabacum along with other herbs. Then again tobacco was only used for ceremonial purposes and was not secularized.
I will only smoke cigarettes that have no sheet tobacco and perferably organic. For me tobacco is strong stuff to smoke though.
We always smoked my dads pal mals (no filter) cigarettes.  Of course we are not allowed to but we did.  Later in life I would sometimes rip the filters off my GPC lights because it made them a little stronger. 
I smoked about two packs a day for 37 years.  I smoked them down to the filter.  I would wake up during the night and smoke.  I had an ashtray by my bed. 
However, June 15th will be the three year anniversary since I was healed of addiction to smoking cigarettes. Never had a craving since. 
Praise God.


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