Did the NO mimick existing prot worship or vice-versa?
The theology is corrupted by protestantism, which is a wholly "enlightenment" perversion of Christianity.
There are so many strands of error that it is hard to lay our hands on them, so we argue among ourselves. Leo XIII proposed the answer, or even you could say, insisted on the answer...


If you want to understand the liturgy at a new, deeper level and have the head for academic theology, there is no better book than After Writing: The Liturgical Consummation of Philosophy

I twitch after seeing how 'protestantized" our liturgy has become in the N.O.  I shall now pray even more fervently for the full restoration of the Holy Tridentine; the "tridentization of the N.O. in the interim; with the N.O. being slowly being phased out and abolished where possible.

Deus Misereatur.
The Methodists say, "for many."  Heh.  
Methodists FTW. :tounge:
The thing that has to be remembered it that making the Mass more like a protestant "lords supper" was one of the ecumenists goals, thats why six protestant ministers were brought on board to help whip up the new Mass. You can't expect much from six proti's and a Freemason.

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