New Order of Augustinians
I have been a real long lurker here but I felt obligated to post because I think it is important to help these priests out with either our prayers or funds.  I really enjoy your boards.

I recently found out about a new order that is located at a local Abby (St Micheal's Abby in Silverado Ca) that I have dealing with. The Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem an Augustinian order that only celebrates the extraordinary mass and try to follow the format for the original Augustinians. Currently their is only one priest and 2 others being trained in Rome. Rev. Dom Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer made a very touching appeal for funds at a mass we celebrated at the end of a Lent pilgrimage which he walked with us on. In his newsletter he mentioned that he had a large outstanding bill at the seminary where they were being trained.

Anyway it is kind of an opportunity for all of us to help fund a new order of traditional priests so I thought people here might want to be included on it.

They are currently in residence here. Their founder does appear to get around so maybe someone here has mentioned them before.

Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem
19292 El Toro Road
Silverado, California 92676
They used to be here in St. Louis, not far from my home, but something happened (the archdiocese needed the home they were renting or borrowing) and they had to find a new home, coincidentally my old high school! Given their lack of numbers and resources, I fear for their long-term survival and hope those involved can happily accept the opportunities Our Lord throws their way. They are good men.

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