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littlepaddle Wrote:Anyone know what happened to the AQ website?

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It is awfully nice to be in the reserves during the battle, not seeing the combat. Please show a tiny bit of respect for those in the front lines.
Sir I am in the front lines. I have to attend the NO almost exclusively because the SSPX Church only has Mass twice a month and Ican only make it to one of those. I put up with at best heterodoxy spouting from the lips of an effeminate Jesuit Priest who openly mocks all tradition and the Latin Mass, yet I have to attend this Church because it is the Most Catholic in town the others don't have kneelers even. I have to practice my traditional faith to the scorn of fellow parishioners because I am not hip and with it enough I even pray that ancient medieval rosary before Mass and kneel before the blessed sacrament and out of touch stuff like that. I live my traditionalism very much in the front lines and get lots of sh!t for it. [Edit by Quis - remove cross-forum nonsense]
OK, we don't bash other forums here that we have a detente with; that's pretty much all of them except Chant's forum.  I even frown on bashing his, but he seems to think all others are fair game and engages in it himself, so I'm not going to expend a lot of energy defending his.
AQ, on the other hand, has always been kind to FE, and Serv has always stopped cross-forum warfare on his end; I will stop it on this end.  Every forum owner has a right to run a forum the way they see fit.  Every forum member has a right to quit if they don't like it.

In my opinion, AQ is a great site.  Besides FE, of course, that's one of the few Catholic forums I read (but I don't post there because it would cause unwanted problems).  Serv put a lot of work into it, and the website (besides the forum) has a lot of resources that FE doesn't have.  I think between FE and AQ there is tons of good traditional Catholic information that compliments each other.

So even if the forum isn't your cuppa, give credit to the tons of information AQ has on the site itself.  That and the fact that it was one of the first places besides FE that trads weren't treated like schismatic lepers.

Enough about that.

I sent an e-mail to Serv asking if he wanted me to post anything here or if there was anything Vox or I could to do help get stuff back up.  If I hear anything back, I'll let everyone know.  If someone else hears something somewhat reliable post it; if it's a rumor, say so.  But let's knock of the cross-forum spitting contest, please.

OK, I edited the negative stuff out about AQ instead of deleting posts because there was other interesting stuff there about being a trad.

But, let's all behave at least here.  The other stuff can go in PM, e-mail, or on our blogs if we feel we have to say something.
Wait a sec.... NewAdvent is down too...


Not for me.

AQ is hosted on Servitium's own server.  If I remember right, NewAdvent is hosted by CatholicCulture.
Any updates on the situation?  Newadvent is fine, Angelqueen is still down and the contact email is no longer valid (  I refuse to believe that John Grasmeier would take the site down without any notification whatsoever.  It is probably a technical issue but I'm surprised that noone here has heard anything.

It's also the beginning of the month.  My site was down for a couple hours the other day because the hosting expired and needed to be renewed.  Just speculation, but I wouldn't start freaking out yet.
Looks like it's back up now!
Yep. As for the forum --- I've met John in "real life" before. Nice guy. It's his forum. If you don't like the forum, stay away and post somewhere else, there are many good traditional Catholic forums. The forum and the "pre-forum" of talking Traditional Catholicism helped me find the TLM. So, I owe it to him and a number of individuals. It's been a good four years of spiritual growth and Catholic action on the forum (e.g. $10,000 dollars donated to build a new church and that many was matched dollar for dollar by another forum member).

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