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Satori Wrote:The Dreaded Lamb Cake: A Tale of French Cookery Gone Wrong

Again I tried my hand at making a pound cake in my lamb-shaped cake mold, and again it has proved disastrous. I tried a recipe called "quatre quart," the idea being that you use equal parts butter, eggs, sugar and flour. I had 2 cups of eggs leftover from my egg-blowing experiment, so I proceeded to mix them with 2 cups of flour, 2 of sugar, and 2 of butter. Oh, horrors! What an eggy travesty! I can only gather that the eggs in the shell were to equal the weight of the other ingredients. (On this point the recipe was not clear, and my way made sense to me.) Oh, this year the "cake" came out of the lamb in one piece (more or less) and still has a face (of sorts), but it's like some weird dessert souffle. It's ... chewy. It ... wiggled ... coming out of the pan. My kitchen smells strongly of eggs. It's ... funky. Oh, what am I to do? All those wasted eggs and butter. I am sore grievous.

I usually make a lamb cake for Holy Thursday.
Every year there is some disaster with it...this year I had just run out of eggs, as DD had taken the last two to make egg salad for lunch.  So I substituted mayonaise (which DID work well, I might add).  But the recipe calls for turning the mold over halfway through cooking.  Well, something went wrong there, as when I removed it later, it appeared that half of the lamb decided to stay put and the other half decided to flop down into the now bottom portion of the pan.  So we had a flattish lamb with a twisted head.  Oh well, it still tasted halfway decent.

We always have bar b qed lamb.

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