Water/Juice Fasting
When I first got braces in high school I abstained from soda and drank only water. for two years. It was great. I slept better, felt better and was much more attentive in class. My appetitie was also more normal.
In actuality, western medical training has a very low emphasis in disease prevention and physicians have very little education in the field of nutrition.  The best information on the subject would be from a dietician.

I have in the past read an article or two on restricted calorie diets and their health benefits including longevity.  That would be completely different from water fasting in the OP.
Many years ago, I went on a juice fast for 5 days.  It gave me a euphoric feeling, but ultimately, I don't think it helped anything particularly.  I think it slowed down my metabolism and caused me to gain weight.

I tried a different style of fasting later on, where I only consumed a small amount of homemade chicken broth, and an avocado every day.  I think I did that one for about 5 days too.  I felt really good on this kind of fast, but had to quit because it made my face turn very red, and was causing other people alarm.  If I were to do it again, I'd be checking my blood pressure, blood sugar, and ketones to make sure I was doing alright.  I don't agree with the distilled water thing.  Distilled water has a tendency to draw much needed minerals out of your body.  In fact, electrolyte loss is a basic concern when fasting like this, and it's the reason people black out.  Think about Terry Schiavo, you don't want to end up like her.  If you do undertake this kind of fast, feeling weak and shaky, dizzy, or blacking out is a sign of electrolyte deficiency.  If you drink some water with sea salt in it, or some pedialyte, it should improve your constitution.  I found that when I fasted, just  a litle salt water would immediately bring me around and out of a dizzy spell.
(04-16-2009, 02:27 PM)Texican Wrote: Distilled water's "inherent, magnetic properties " can also remove essential nutrients from your body.  Without a source of nutrients to replace them, your body will not work as intended. 
Juice, while tasty, doesn't have the fiber that's usually present in the fruit itself. 

Still has too much for my bizarre system.  Water fasting is easier for me than juice fasting for that very reason, lol.  But then I've needed a low fiber diet for a long time now.
I knew a person who used to do something he called The Great Cleanse.  He felt it helped him to clean out his system, but I'm no doctor so I wouldn't approve/deny anything.  Anyway, he would go on this thing for 2 - 3 weeks at a time.

It involved drinking water for hydration.
Lemon juice for electrolytes.
High grade maple syrup for carbohydrates - the body needs a minimum of these every day.
and a laxative tea - well... use your imagination why.

At least it seams to have some scientific backing to it.  Do lots of research before doing any of these things.

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