NYC used bookstores
  Would anyone have suggestions for used bookstores in Manhattan or the other boroughs?  I've been to the Strand(largest in the world, I would think), and a couple of smaller places.  In Boston, there used to be Sheehan's which had a basement full of mostly old Catholic books and other items of use.  Any suggestions?

Hi Joe,

It has been a long time since I have lived in NYC. But there are a few places I can think of. Of course you mentioned Strand so I don't have to tell you anything about that.
In Manhattan:
Left Bank Books (in the W. Village area) on West 4th St.
Argosy Bookstore (Midtown east) East 59th St
Mercer Street Books - Mercer St
12th Street Books - East 12th St

There are more around that I just can't think of right now. But you want to check SOHO, the Village (East/West), Union Square, etc. In Brooklyn, there may be places downtown and in Park Slope.
I lived in MA as well and love Brattle Book Shop at 9 West Street, Boston not far from Tremont Street. It's an awesome place that has many antiquarian books.

I hope this helps.

God bless you.
Thanks Trad Believer.  I will make note of those listed.  Yes, Brattle Book Shop is interesting.  I have gotten a few books from there over the years.  The best deal I think I ever got was when I found Fr Ott's "Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma" on one of their outside carts for a buck!  They still have them out there, as well as the shelves on the outside wall, for $1 to $5? 
  Not knowing how long it's been since you have been in the Boston area, Cambridge, which could once boast of being the "bookstore capital of the world", has lost that title, in my opinion, at least concerning used books.  Several have gone out of business, somewhat understandable.  An interesting one(it is it's own little block, half of it housing Harvard's Lampoon Magazine), 7 Stars, at Mass and Arrow, has been closed for maybe 7 years.  Times are always a changing.

  Thanks again.


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