Easter Vigil photos from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hey all,
I know how much we all love the EF.  So, here are some nice pictures from St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The church was given to ICKSP/the Latin Mass community in Milwaukee in the last year or so. 

This is what the Rector (or Webmaster posted):
Unfortunately, few pictures have been taken during this Holy Week. By the good grace of the excellent photographer David Hickey, we present you a taste of the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil. St. Stanislaus had the priviledge of having the Reverend Father Mueller, the reverend Father Sherman, the Reverend Father Sean Granger, Deacon William Brennan, and Deacon  and some local seminarians to be part of the ceremonies in the Extraordinary Rite. They all expressed a great joy for this experience. Thanks them for there great help.

Choir and Altar Servers did also a magnificent job.

May God bless them all...


End quote.
As a side note, Fr. Granger is a recent ordinand (being ordained within the past few years).

Edit:  I have no relation/personal attachment to the pictures or the picture-taker.  I thought you'd like to see it.  Hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong by posting this.
Great pictures!
Thank you for sharing. These are really beautiful photos.

God bless you.

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