Georgetown University Hid Religious Symbols at White House Request
(04-17-2009, 02:46 PM)JonathanCid Wrote: The White House made a simple request in order to be able to have the President of the United States visit a Catholic university without it appearing a promotion of Catholicism and thereby a breach in the separation of church and state. The President of the United States appearing with the name of the God of a particular religion is scandalous in terms of a decidedly secular nation. How this is a surprise to anyone is beyond me. It was a simple request. Perhaps for the future the President should only visit secular institutions, but I suppose at that point religious institutions would complain of "alienation". 

A truly Catholic institution would never acquiesce to such demands as to obscure what the institution stands for -- Christ and His Church.  This institution would have politely told the President and his entourage that a stage and a podium will be erected in open air at the campus.  End of story.  The veil separating church and state vanishes when such events are held in Church property.  Likewise, a bishop or prelate invited to speak on state premises cannot make similar improper demands.   

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