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Little Caesars is still around, or at least here in San Antonio - they run a $3 pepperoni pizza on Tuesdays!
As far as chains go, I like Papa John's. Little Ceasar's really isn't bad, either -- not enough cheese, but their crust is good. Here in Richmond we have two pizza restaurants that I like: Mary Angela's, which is classic New York style pizza with (if you wish) more exotic toppings, like artichokes (which is a favorite of mine), and Bottoms Up, which has a crust unlike any I've had elsewhere: thick, chewy, crispy, and greasy. With just about any topping you can imagine, and tons of cheese.

I'm getting pretty good at making my own pizza, too, but somehow I doubt I'll ever be able to toss my crusts.
I am aware of what Ledo Pizza is. This is my contribution to this thread. Thank you for your time.
From Chicago, and it's either Uno or Lou Malnati's.

I've mail-ordered Lou Malnati's before.  That's how good it is.  They ship it in dry ice.
This has gotta be regional to So Cal, but Straw Hat, something that's almost disappeared since the 80's. I got one of the remaining ones near me though so, like Bob's Big Boy, nigh-gone, but I got mine so that's all I care.

Was Round Table only here on So Cal, or anyone else remember them?

Papa John's is probably the best from a topping standpoint for a national chain, but that crust is weak, especially compared to some mom-and-pop joints that exist (which are pointless to talk about here since you don't live where I live). I don't know of a large national chain that has decent crust, so that kills any national recommendation.

I note piabee has had the hallowed Cheeseboard in Berkeley, a solid pizza, hopefully she made it to Solano and had Zachary's or the best bar none in my entire life, the Little Chicago on University Ave. in Berkeley (West of Shattuck). Heck, even La Val's crust rocked Cheeseboard, which really relied on their cheese quality and selection to wow everyone. Hippies.

I wish I could talk about my local joints, but it would be stupid.

So yeah, other people noted it, Little Caesar's is still around, they largely disappeared after complete overgrowth. I am a former Little Caesar's employee actually. Aren't you impressed. A decent number of them turned into "Red Brick Pizza" and some of those reverted back to LC, not sure if there's some parent company connection there.

Shakey's are still around Los Angeles county, one's actually about 2 mi away from me. I read an article back in '02 where the Shakey's company noted they'd greatly reduced their footprint, keeping location in LA where there's still a large Latino population. Reason cited, Latinos still have large families, and Shakey's are and always have been, huge. I wonder if you remember how big they were (are) from when you were a kid, because everything looked big then. Sure enough, when I see them here and there, heavily Chicano neighborhood, and yep, really big.
Homemade.  My home.  Sorry you guys can't all come by.  ;D
(04-18-2009, 04:26 AM)PaxVobiscum Wrote: Homemade.  My home.  Sorry you guys can't all come by.   ;D

Me too. I make my own a couple times a month. How do you make your crust?
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(04-18-2009, 02:25 AM)Iuvenalis Wrote: I wish I could talk about my local joints, but it would be stupid.

Yeah, but I'm going to do it because there's only two in my whole city.  First, there's a Neapolitan family down the street with a brick oven, and they're closed on Sundays so I approve of them.  Their pizza is always perfect - slightly smoky, very fresh, but it's on the expensive side.  Then there's one of those Euro pizza joints by my office, and they do one with tomato, baby eggplant, sweet onions, roasted peppers, and truffle oil for seven bucks that is sublime, but the owner waits tables and she's a monster so we never tip.

At home we make our own - flour, yeast, a pinch of sugar, water and olive oil.  Late last year I was experimenting with herb crusts, but I wasn't pleased with the result. 

Does anyone here make their own sauce from scratch? 
(04-17-2009, 09:33 PM)ResiduumRevertetur Wrote:
(04-17-2009, 08:18 PM)Texican Wrote: Or Little Ceasar's, for that matter.
Oh, yeah! The little "pizza! pizza!" guy with the spear! (or something like that) Where the heck did all these pizza franchises go?

Little Caesar's might be making a comeback.  One opened up near where I live a little while ago.  Prior to that, I hadn't seen one in a few years.
I prefer Hungry Howie's.  I don't think it's a nationwide chain, confined to mostly Florida and maybe Georgia and Alabama.

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