Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
(04-17-2009, 09:19 PM)tradmaverick Wrote: Like trying to bail out the Titanic with a saucepan!
The reform of the reform is as much a sinking ship as the original. And besides how many are actually going to say the New translations? I cant imagine my Parish Priest doing it! ha -he'll laugh it off - if he even gives it that much thought!

Even if everybody accepted it would that then solve all the problems attached to the News Mass? Would it counter every argument made by its opposition?

Nothing is done quickly in the Church. Some serious issues took hundreds of years to resolve in the past. The current Church's plight are directly tied to the hippies of the 60's. Return to Orthodoxy is inevitable and although it won't be overnight, it will happen quite quickly. Already, people are using those new English translations and I have heard them as well. The use of the Latin mass is also rising.

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