Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
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(04-17-2009, 08:18 PM)NonSumDignus Wrote: And I have talked to the priest about it, but he only said "The Bishop does it." Can't really get much more out of him than that.

I looked it up and newadvent says:

Quote:According to the existing law of the Church the chalice, or at least the cup of it, must be made either of gold or of silver, and in the latter case the bowl must be gilt on the inside. In circumstances of great poverty or in time of persecution a calix stanneus (pewter) may be permitted, but the bowl of this also, like the upper surface of the paten, must be gilt. Before the chalice and paten are used in the Sacrifice of the Mass they require consecration. This rite is carried out according to a form specially provided in the "Pontificale" and involving the use of holy chrism. The consecration must be performed by a bishop (or in the case of chalices intended for monastic use, by an abbot possessing the privilege), and a bishop cannot in an ordinary way delegate any priest to perform this function in his place. Further, if the chalice lose its consecration -- which happens for example if it be broken or the cup perforated, or even if it has had to be sent to have the bowl regilded—it is necessary that it should be reconsecrated by the bishop before it can again be used. Strictly speaking, only priests and deacons are permitted to touch the chalice or paten, but leave is usually granted to sacristans and those officially appointed to take charge of the vestments and sacred vessels.

I do not know where this law is defined, but if you find that and present it to the people involved, they will not be able to claim ignorance. If they continue to knowlingly break the law, I would assume they reject the authority of the Church and as such should be avoided except in emergencies.

I think that was changed post-V2.  I seem to recall they require "fitting" vessels, but they don't have to be gilt or consecrated....

Either way, glass Kool-Aid pitchers for the Precious Blood don't seem to cut it.

I remember a teacher from the Catholic school "Our Lady of Fatima" back in the late 1980's to early 1990's relating a story about her experience in the day-care center. They were getting ready to have Mass and "Fr. Jim" couldn't find a chalice to use so a number of the mothers came running to the day care and asked this teacher to help them look for a plastic "sippy" cup to use from the cabinet. She recalled the remorse she felt as she stood among all the mothers frantically searching for a something -anything- to hold the Precious Blood of Our Saviour. They couldn't understand why she refused to help them.

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