Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
I don't think we can ever have too much respect for the Blessed Sacrament, given what it truly is. Consider the devotion of the Jews to the Tabernacle, and this was just a preparatory dwelling. How much more respect should we show? How much more outraged should we be at the slightest sacrilege? How much more should we fear to give scandal by going to a Mass at which we are unsure of what will be done to the Sacred Body of Our Redeemer? How will the others there know that we don't approve of what is going on (to them, we are there and if we thought it was disrespectful, we wouldn't be there)? How can we claim that obtaining graces for ourselves is more important than attending a Mass at which there is a significant likelihood of Our Lord sustaining abuse at the Unbloody Sacrifice? How can we be so sure of grace when God Himself fears to manifest His Body in the hands of the priest who has almost as little respect for His Body than the Jews did when they crucified Him? Again, the ends never justify the means: willing to witness and attend imminent sacrilege in order to obtain grace. We owe God - He doesn't owe us; He's already paid His price.

Edit: If we have to allow evil in order to obtain a "good" end, then it is not really a good end. God transforms evil into good because He has given us free will to choose and He must allow for our evil choices. We, however, can't abuse this transformation by telling God that we will purposely sin or allow sin so that He can secure a greater good for us.

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