Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
(04-22-2009, 10:03 PM)NonSumDignus Wrote: I've decided to only attend the glass-chalice-free weekend Masses only. What convinced me was the descriptions in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy about the proper regulations/criteria to be met in performing Old Covenant ritual; and, in more cases than not, vessels that housed sacred objects needed to be made with gold.

How much more sacred are the rites of the New Covenant? If God expected gold for foreshadows of the Eucharist, I'm going to bet He expects gold for the Eucharist itself.

Well, let's take a look at the reasoning here. If the reasoning is "I am so distracted by the thought that the chalices are glass, not gold, that I can't even properly prepare to receive the Holy Eucharist under the appearance of bread, not wine"--then your subjective disposition would appear to unfit you to receive daily Communion under those circumstances, so long as they persist. But if the reasoning is "I will allow other people to deprive me of daily Communion by using inferior vessels at Mass, because I believe they are doing wrong by using the inferior vessels"--then the reasoning is faulty, and the conclusion is unsound and harmful.

You are not to blame for other people's wrongdoing merely because you observe them engaging in it and you can't very well stop them. You do not give scandal to <i>well-disposed</i> observers merely by receiving Communion at a Mass with glass chalices, needless extraordinary ministers, or whatnot. This is because you can readily explain to them (if they ask) that you only put up with these things to the extent necessary (under the circumstances) to follow the teaching of St. Pius X on daily Communion (<i>Sacra Tridentina,</i> Dec. 20, 1905):
Quote:The Holy Council of Trent, having in view the ineffable riches of grace which are offered to the faithful who receive the Most Holy Eucharist, makes the following declaration: "The Holy Council wishes indeed that at each Mass the faithful who are present should communicate, not only in spiritual desire, but sacramentally, by the actual reception of the Eucharist." These words declare plainly enough the wish of the Church that all Christians should be daily nourished by this heavenly banquet and should derive therefrom more abundant fruit for their sanctification.

If any ill-disposed observers were to take scandal when you didn't actually give it, this would be the "scandal of the Pharisees"--their problem, not yours. See St. Thomas Aquinas, S.T. II-II, Q. 43, Art. 7:
Quote:A distinction seems necessary among spiritual things which are not necessary for salvation: because the scandal which arises from such things sometimes proceeds from malice, for instance when a man wishes to hinder those spiritual goods by stirring up scandal. This is the "scandal of the Pharisees," who were scandalized at Our Lord's teaching: and Our Lord teaches (Matt. 15:14) that we ought to treat such like scandal with contempt. Sometimes scandal proceeds from weakness or ignorance, and such is the "scandal of little ones." In order to avoid this kind of scandal, spiritual goods ought to be either concealed, or sometimes even deferred (if this can be done without incurring immediate danger), until the matter being explained the scandal cease. If, however, the scandal continue after the matter has been explained, it would seem to be due to malice, and then it would no longer be right to forego that spiritual good in order to avoid such like scandal.

God bless you!

Don McMaster

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